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Traffic Titan Review And Step By Step Guide – The Tools That Will Boost Your Earnings

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traffic titan review

Hi there, today I wanted to talk about one of the best products I have ever seen online. The product I will show you is called Traffic Titan and the reason it is so great is pretty simple. First of all, this may be one product but it's defiantly a lot more then that. Anyway lets get started with this traffic titan review.

Traffic Titan is actually 6 different softwares that all do different things. Each feature does all the work you would need to set up a profitable niche site by itself. Automatically, in a few clicks.

The softwares included in the upfront purchase are Niche Money, Keyword Titan, Website2Image, Image2Video, Domainaveli and last but not least the Titan WP theme.


Traffic Titan Overview

traffic titan review
Vendor:Chris & Ken 
Product:Traffic Titan 2 
Launch Date:2017-Sep-05
Launch Time:12:00 EDT
Front-End Price:Just $7! For One Of The Most Useful Tools EVER! (Reduced From $27)
Skill Level:All Levels
Home Page:
Refund:30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche:This Type Of Automation Works For Any
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Traffic Titan Introduction (A Must Read For People Seeking Success online)

Ok so let me be honest with you, I wouldn't be writing this traffic titan review if I didn't think Traffic Titan can absolutely change your online career

Traffic Titan can 100% do that and the main reason is because of all the free traffic it will provide you through its unique tools. 

Now I know you're thinking I've seen this kind of BS before "free traffic to your website that converts", stuff like that. Its all over the Internet these days isn't it? And in the end you get some bot generated low quality traffic which DEFIANTLY DOESN'T CONVERT!

Well let me tell you the difference between all those Scam selling product and Traffic Titan. Ok here it goes...the difference is that Traffic Titan doesn't actually send traffic to your website like a bot or a ClickFarm in Bangladesh does.

Instead it's combined tools will show you what Niches to target, what keywords to target and what Domains to use for it. The Website2Image and Image2Video softwares will even get you everything you need in terms of Multimedia.

So actually...what Traffic Titan is doing is sending 100% legitimate and ORGANIC traffic from Google to your website by leeting you know about 100's and 1000's of keywords, niches and searches where Google users are BEGGING for a page to visit.

traffic titan review
If You Didn't Know Organic Traffic Is The Best Traffic You Can Hope For You Should Honestly Start Over..Or Just Finish Reading This Review / Guide And Learn How To Earn Huge Through Organic Traffic!

And that my friends is how you'll turn your Online Career around - by buying and using these cheap tools (All in 1 price) you will suddenly be the Go-To place for hundreds (if not thousands) of Google Searchers who couldn't find what they wanted, until today. The day you will buy Traffic Titan and start giving these searchers what they want and make yourself some money by doing it! 

I hope the Introduction message has been enough to help you understand the Mass Potential in this product and what it can gain for you. Now I will explain exactly how to use Traffic Titan tools step by step to achieve what I just talked about. Hang on there! (Remember there's nothing to lose) 

traffic titan review
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Traffic Titan Tools And Features

Like I said before, traffic titan is the ultimate way to get awesome high quality FREE  traffic from Google (and Youtube). 

Just the front end of Traffic Titan includes 6 powerful and highly useful softwares that will boost your earnings with ClickBank, JvZoo or any other Affiliate Network or program you might work with. Earlier on I mentioned these tools but now I want to explain more about what each feature can do.

traffic titan review
Earn These Kind Of Numbers With Traffic Titan. Trust Me These Are Real (You Probably Already See The Sense In It By Now)

If you ARE  interested in making money online this is defiantly not worth skipping. Anyway, lets get right into it.

  • Niche Money - The First And Probably Most Important Tool. Niche Money Is A Niche Database Packed With 100's Of Different Profitable Niches And Their Most Profitable Keywords. Sounds Great Right? Trust Me, It IS 😉 
  • Keyword Titan - Titan's ULTIMATE Keyword Research Tool. Finds You The Most Profitable, Low Competition, High Value Keywords In Both Google & Youtube 
  • Website2Image - Generates You The Best Photos And Image Slides For Top JVZoo & ClickBank Affiliate Programs And Imports Them Into Your Money Site
  • Image2Video - Quickly Creates Profitable Videos To Rank On Youtube (Or For Any Other Purpose). Highly Recommended
  • Domainaveli - Domain Research Tool, Will Search For 100's Of Relative, Exact Match Keywords In One Click!
  • Titan WP Theme - You Will Also Gain Access To Titan's highly Profitable Money Site WordPress Theme. Proven Multiple Times To Be Highly Profitable. 
  • Oh And One More Thing! - You Will Get Access To Titan's Incredible Training On Choosing The Right Offers, Getting Your Traffic And Much Much More...

Traffic Titan Features Explained + How To Use

1) Niche Money

traffic titan review

Database of 100's of top niches with over a 1000 keywords per niche. Click on your niche to display your SEO & PPC competitors. Next you rank these based on relevance to you (how they suit your offer) and finally export these keywords for further use. From personal experience I gotta say this tool is a MASSIVE game changer.

2) Keyword Titan

traffic titan review

Traffic Titan's keyword research tool. View $ Value, total searches, CPC, PPC competitiveness and SEO competitiveness of each profitable keyword. Also highly recommended.

3) Website2Image

traffic titan review

Media tool that allows you to create certain "campaigns" which can be imported to the Image2Video Tool.

The software is loaded with the top 100 CB & JVZoo offers which have paid millions in affiliate commissions.

Choose one of the offers and the sales letter will be displayed as an image. Next click and drag to select the parts of the sales letter you want to export.

Lastly, click to export the images to the Image2Video tool which I will talk about next.

4) Image2Video

traffic titan review

Desktop based video creation software, create slide videos in just a few clicks. Supports both Windows and Mac.

Start by importing your images (from Image2Video or other) and a voice over or one of the softwares royalty-free background music then click next.

Each image will now be displayed as a slide and all you need to do is set the time per slide. Easy peasy!

If you are importing your images from the Website2Image tool the software can instantly create Affiliate videos for you.

Obviously you can also edit the settings, add an mp3 audio, change your background, change your font and many many more profitable features.

5) Domainaveli - Ultimate Profitable Domains Tool

traffic titan review

Brilliant Web-Based Domain research tool - simply enter a keyword, click "find domains" and find the best domain names possible.

You can also try using the "suggest" button to generate hundreds of different domain names with over 30 different TLD's.

All the domains are ranked automatically by the systems domain valuation amazing algorithm instantly showing you the shortest and most keyword rich domains.

There's also the "premium domains page" which contains 100's of hand picked domains for the 15 best E-Com and Affiliate niches.

Once you find the domain (or domains) you want, register it (or them) and then its time to install the Traffic Titan WP theme which I will discuss next. 

6) Done For You, Traffic Titan WP Theme

traffic titan review

Traffic Titan's WordPress theme focused purely on free traffic but can be used for paid traffic too. 

Super fast theme install and ready to start making you huge commissions from both free SEO traffic and paid traffic (whatever you choose). 

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How The Money Making With Traffic Titan Works

One of the most profitable and popular Affiliate (and non Affiliate) traffic tactics is targeting SEO / PPC keywords on Google or Youtube.

There are literally MILLIONS of keywords across MILLIONS of niches that can make you money. But how do you know which keywords to target?

Also, once you've actually found the right niches and keywords for you how do you actually rank for and make money from these keywords? 

Let me show you exactly how it's done automatically by...yup you guessed it, Traffic Titan! For just $27! What a bargain right?

  • STEP 1 - Use The Niche Money Tool To Browse Through 100's Of Profitable Niches. Next, Pick Your Preferred Niche And Download The 1000's Of Keywords Associated With It
  • STEP 2 - Use The Keyword Titan Tool To Copy/Paste Your New Keyword List And Make A New List Containing The Low-Competition, Highly Profitable Keywords. Click Export!
  • STEP 3 - Choose An Affiliate Program Within The Website2Image Tool And Export 5-10 Good Images To Your Video Slide Folder
  • STEP 4 - Import Your New Images To The Image2Video Software To Create Your Affiliate Video Reviews And Get Free Youtube Traffic
  • STEP 5 - Target Some Profitable Keywords In An Article Using The "Titan WP theme" And Get Free Google Traffic
traffic titan review
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Anyway, that's basically the whole automation process in a nutshell. Sounds profitable I know. Would you like to see some real numbers and proof of what this revolutionary system can do and earn? Here it goes...

traffic titan review
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Traffic Titan Price And How To Buy It

The price for Traffic Titan is just $27. If this sounds expensive to you then either you didn't read anything up till now or you didn't understand how powerful these tools really are to your Online Business. 

Either way I recommend you go back up the page and read my explanations on these tools and how to use them to earn A LOT MORE then $27!

The tools covered in this cost are everything I talked about earlier on. Niche money, Keyword Titan, Website2Image, Image2Video, Domainaveli and the Traffic Titan WP theme.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy these awesome tools all for just $27. Start earning what you deserve to earn!

PRICE REDUCTION ALERT: As Of September 5th 2017 Traffic Titan Is TEMPORARILY Reducing It's Price To Just $7! Get It Now While It Lasts!

traffic titan review

My Traffic Titan Review Conclusion

I hope that my review page has helped you understand the huge potential in Traffic Titan. If you want to know whether I recommend you buy this product then my answer is defiantly YES.

traffic titan review
Click Here To Buy Traffic Titan Now

If you have any other Internet and Affiliate Marketing questions please feel free to leave a comment below or send me a private message though the Contact & Get Help Page and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

Thanks for taking time to read my content. I really appreciate it.

traffic titan review Wishing you luck with Traffic Titan and all your future errands,


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  1. Violet SandersViolet Sanders

    Hi Jason, I just wanted to come by and thank you.

    I read your traffic titan review earlier this morning and thought I’d give it a shoot because of the small price and the potential you showed it had. I also liked that I already had a step by step plan laid out for me of how to start using all the tools to get some money making done.

    Anyway so I bought traffic titan through your links and imediattly recieved an Email with all the information I needed to get started (downloads, web based software etc). I started using the tools like you showed in the step by step and I can already see where the tools are gonna lead me to..

    I’ve gotta say that so far I think thismight just be the best product I have EVER bought online. Plus it’s a lifetime buy, no recurring payment or any of that sh*t.

    So thanks again for this awesome opportunity.


    • adminadmin

      Hey Violet!

      Thanks for your amazing feedback. There’s nothing I appreciate more than some feedback (negative or positive).

      I’m glad you’re enjoying traffic titan. Wishing you the best of luck with this tool and anything else.


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